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Traditum is a diversified proprietary trading firm specializing in market making, relative value arbitrage, and fundamentally-oriented trading strategies across a variety of domestic and international markets. Our proprietary technology coupled with the commitment of our traders gives us an edge in a highly competitive industry. The firm’s team comprises of new talent eager to learn and senior traders with proven track records of success.

Traditum is committed to supporting the businesses of our traders. Traders leverage the firm’s resources to deploy their own strategies and their own variations of firm-wide market knowledge. We operate on the premise that enhancing the skills and profitability of each trader builds the proficiency of all our traders and, through collaboration, elevates the success of the entire team.

Traditum has a track record of integrating senior talent from banks and hedge funds, in addition to developing young talent. Veteran traders with expertise in primary markets who integrate with our culture have proven a particularly strong fit.

Traditum is home to over 75 proprietary traders, programmers, and support staff. We have offices in the Chicago Board of Trade Building in Chicago, IL, the Phoenix Tower in Houston, TX, and the Graybar Building in New York, NY.

Phone: 312.984.8290

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141 W. Jackson Blvd
Suite 1531A
Chicago, IL 60604

3200 Southwest Freeway
Suite 1220
Houston, TX 77027

420 Lexington Avenue
Suite 300, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10170